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Focus Woes

I have a plethora of camera lenses in my collection. Everything from ultra wide angle to very long telephoto. Some are digital, some are film. But they all work regardless of which type on camera I use them one, either digital or film. This is the benefit of shooting with all Nikon gear. Whether it's a camera from the 70's or one built yesterday. Everything fits.

So, with all these bits of glass, I have become accustomed to focusing manually or letting the camera focus for me. Whether it's shooting a surfer half a kilometer off sure, or photographing the minute detail of a new product shoot.

But there was one lens I didn't have, the fisheye lens, so not long ago, I bit the bullet and purchased my newest lens, a Nikkor 16mm fisheye lens.

SO why a fisheye. Well, cause I didn't have one, but I have a dome port (window) for my water housing so I can do what they call under/over shots and artistic under wave shots, as well as better wave photos.

One particular benefit of this lens is the ability to fix the effect of the water being a large magnifying glass.

Photo shot with a normal flat face lens and port

Photo shot with a fisheye lens and dome port

So, as you can see, a fisheye corrects the distortion created from the water. But unlike flat face lenses where you point at the subject then focus, with a fisheye within the dome port, this all changes. There are formulas, science and maths involved with focusing. How you focus above the water is not how you focus below the surface.

Now the experimenting begins, and hopefully the results will start showing, but in the meantime, here are some images from under the waves this week.

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