Surface Tension - @HarneyPhoto

There is a fine line in the ocean that's called the surface. Its a thin, very thin line where liquid meets air and there is no better place to experience the ocean than the surface.

Letting yourself sink till your eyes are nearly getting wet. From here, the ocean looks so much different. Ripples become waves, and waves become mountains. The setting sun lashes the glassy surface with colours and hues you just can't experience from above. Go that little bit further and you experience the two worlds of air and liquid.

The ocean is a fluid living creature, constantly changing and growing, from the waves above to the rip undercurrents below, it never stays motionless.

Being in the ocean for me at sunset, is the best place to be. Not just because I get the chance to photograph such an amazing show, but it heals the mind and body. I can enter the water in the worst mood and I always walk out happy. All my aches and pains, stresses and apprehensions disappear. The ocean has natural healing powers, whether you sit on the sand and just let your feet feel the lapping waves or you're trying to stay afloat with only your legs while capturing that image as you push through the back of a wave.

I have captured many images over time, but none I'm more happy with than a simple sunset session in the water.

And to see how these images are captured, I've included a few shots of my fellow water photogs.

All the images are available to purchase, simple contact me for details.




Storms approaching


White Water



Summer storm



Nikon v Canon






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